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Our team of expert renovators has been providing custom bathroom renovations Blakehurst-wide to customers for years, consistently delivering quality results that make any bathroom feel like a sanctuary. From shower curtains and wall-mounted fixtures to stunning bathroom design and luxury bathroom supplies, we have you covered.

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Bathroom Showroom Blakehurst Solutions

We provide complete bathroom renovation options at the Hills Tiles Kitchens Bathroom Showroom that meet all of your needs. Additionally, we are the perfect choice for any job, no matter how big or small, thanks to our skill and experience in bathroom renovation. Additionally, we offer a variety of bathroom remodelling services around Blakehurst, including repairs, installation, upgrades, tilling services, and strong recommendations for design consultations.

We can create bathrooms that are both lovely and practical thanks to our 20 years of industry knowledge, which improves your whole bathroom experience. Our crew has experience in every facet of bathroom design and restoration, from conducting full makeovers to fixing leaking shower repairs.

Bathroom Repairs and Maintenance

Bathroom upkeep and repairs are essential to avoiding damage from dripping faucets, broken fixtures, and malfunctioning plumbing. Timely consideration is required. Additionally, our staff members are experts at fast, dependable bathroom repair Blakehurst-wide, so you can quickly get your bathroom back to full functionality. Furthermore, when it comes to remodelling real estate in renovating property in NSW.

Professional Bathroom Installation

When remodelling or updating their bathrooms, homeowners can gain a lot by using professional bathroom installation services. We guarantee that our customers will be pleased with the finished product and that our bathroom remodelling company can manage both minor upgrades and comprehensive overhaul projects. Our staff of experts is ready and willing to offer guidance at any point during the process, ensuring that every customer receives the style they desire without any hassle.

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High-Quality Bathroom Supplies and Fixtures

The use of high-end bathroom accessories and fixtures results in long-lasting, robust, and aesthetically beautiful bathrooms. Additionally, we work with reputable suppliers to make sure you have access to materials of the highest calibre that will improve the look and ambience of your bathroom.

Upgrading Your Bathroom for a Fresh Look

Generally speaking, giving your bathroom a facelift can improve its appearance, usability, and energy efficiency. Our design staff may also offer design suggestions for your bathroom and help with upgrades.

Expert Consultation and Design Assistance

In order to help you create custom bathroom solutions that meet your specific demands, we provide expert consulting and design support.

Transparent Pricing and Timely Project Completion

Our staff promises upfront pricing, prompt delivery of your ideal bathroom, and the absence of any unforeseen costs or delays.

Customer Testimonials and Success Stories

Our track record of happy customers proves our commitment to delivering bathroom renovation projects of the highest calibre. At the same time, we put the needs of our clients first and strive to exceed their expectations.


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Please think of us for all your bathroom remodelling needs. We provide unmatched experience, knowledge, careful attention to every detail, premium goods, and a customer-focused attitude. Not to add, we have an outstanding reputation that speaks for itself and are the top bathroom renovators in Blakehurst.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is the process of modernising or totally renovating a bathroom in order to increase its value and functionality.

The project’s size and complexity will affect the timeline. It usually takes between two and six weeks.

Depending on the size of the remodelling job, the materials used, and labour rates, the price of a bathroom renovation in Blakehurst might vary significantly. Request a free quote from us today.

A construction permit is typically necessary for bathroom renovations that entail plumbing or structural alterations.

The size of the remodelling job will normally determine how usable the toilet and sink will be during that time, although the shower and bathtub may be temporarily inoperable.